[Koha] Newbie questions re servers for Koha

mourik jan c heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Sat Nov 24 23:39:51 NZDT 2007

Hi Tammy,

If you want students to be able to login the opac, you need to install 
koha on a system that can be reached via http. This can either be local 
on your network only, or by hosting it on the internet using a hosting 
company. (assuming that student pc's have internet access...)

To install koha, i think (though I'm not 100% sure) that root access on 
a server is needed. This is something to keep into consideration when 
talking to a hosting company.

When going for a local install, I would always install koha (or any 
server like package) on a DEDICATED server system. (meaning: not just 
'one of the computers in the school's network') This server doesn't need 
to be incredibly fast, but it needs to be stable, reliable, and 
backup-ed! (backed-up?)

I think first you need to find out what the environment is like in the 
school. Do they have a network or not?


Tammy Lynne Kirk wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been volunteered to set up an ILS for my niece's school.  She goes 
> to a small montissori grammar school with a library of about 500 books 
> (or less).  I looked into the open-source options and thought that I'd 
> give Koha a try.  The main problem that I have right now, though, is 
> that I'm not very familiar with how servers work.  Can I install the 
> server software on one of the computers in the school's network 
> (assuming they are networked) or will they need to buy an independent 
> box to act as a server?
> If the school is not networked, what do I do?  Can I run Koha on a 
> stand-alone?
> I've explored the documentations page but most of the stuff I've read 
> there explains what to do AFTER you've installed Koha.  I really need 
> help with installing Koha in a small school library that may not have a 
> networked environment.
> Thanks,
> Tammy
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