[Koha] Newbie questions re servers for Koha

Tammy Lynne Kirk kirk.24 at wright.edu
Sat Nov 24 08:49:44 NZDT 2007


I've been volunteered to set up an ILS for my niece's school.  She goes 
to a small montissori grammar school with a library of about 500 books 
(or less).  I looked into the open-source options and thought that I'd 
give Koha a try.  The main problem that I have right now, though, is 
that I'm not very familiar with how servers work.  Can I install the 
server software on one of the computers in the school's network 
(assuming they are networked) or will they need to buy an independent 
box to act as a server?

If the school is not networked, what do I do?  Can I run Koha on a 

I've explored the documentations page but most of the stuff I've read 
there explains what to do AFTER you've installed Koha.  I really need 
help with installing Koha in a small school library that may not have a 
networked environment.


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