[Koha] Cataloguer's blues

Joshua Ferraro joshua.ferraro at liblime.com
Tue Nov 13 15:40:10 NZDT 2007

Hi Alan,

I'd try posting this to a red hat or mysql list, or try to hit someone
up on IRC. I'm not sure
too many of us Kohaers use Red Hat, so we won't be much help I'm afraid.


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On 11/10/07, a.maclennan at rgu.ac.uk <a.maclennan at rgu.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi, my name is Alan, and I'm a cataloguer. Sorry - wrong group. :-) I want to insatll Koha on a Redhat 8 server, to give the students a chance to catalogue on a real system. Downloaded the latest stable version, took about a day to sort out the dependencies, and the installer chokes at the MySQL bit. Now, this is my fault, because, having run an old MySQL/Apach/PHP setup for years, I wanted to try blogs and wikis, and so went for a XAMPP setup. Foolishly, I copied the new my.cnf over the old one, thinking that would work, and it doesn't, and I didn't save the old one. So, how can I, or can I, tell the install script that MySQL now lives at /opt/lampp/bin/mysql and not at the new my.cnf script, which dies becaus it seems not to be compatible with the old installation. Maybe someone could do me a favour and post a my.cnf for a bog-standard installation of MySQL in /usr/bin, or give me some advice, please? (Yeah, I know - leave the computers alone, and stick to the 5" x 3" cards ...) Now, when I try mysql -p with the new my.cnf, it tells me to consider upgrading the client. You can't seem to download earlier versions any more, and the 5 version has another heap of dependecies. Sometimes, it hardly seems worth chewing through the restraints in the morning ...
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