[Koha] Problems with Koha 2.2.8 and MySQL 4.1

Meiling Li mli at lalawlibrary.org
Tue Nov 6 13:17:39 NZDT 2007


I see in the list archive there was a thread on this problem discussed
from May 17-19, 2007 but there was no final solution. I'm running a test
installation on a Windows box and I'm experiencing similar problems:


   1. On the intranet I have to log in every time I go to a different
page, each time it shows:

      "Login Error!  You are accessing Koha from a different ip address!
Please login again."


   2. The NPL templates no longer load the stylesheets (both OPAC and

In the HTML source it seems to be trying to load

"/opac-tmpl/npl/en/includes/" (the directory the stylesheets are in).


Fresh install of Apache2.2.6 / ActivePERL5.8.8 / Mysql4.1.22 /
Koha2.2.8. I'm new to all of these. 

Thanks for the help anyone can offer. 



  Meiling Li          LA Law Library


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