[Koha] Ubuntu/Debian: hosting and root access

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Nov 1 03:43:07 NZDT 2007

"Alka Larkan-Grobler" <alka at eisa.org.za> wrote:
> I am new to Koha, in fact haven't even downloaded it yet. I will be
> using Ubuntu set up a test server (6.0.6 LAMP LTS) although the live
> installation will probably be on a Debian box.

If you have the choice and the live installation will be on a Debian
box, it would be better to use Debian as the test server too.  Debian
4.0 contains many packages more recent than Ubuntu 6.0.6 IIRC.  For
example, Ubuntu 6.0.6 has mysql-server 5.0.22, Debian 4.0 has 5.0.32.

> [...] I doubt that our
> service provider will give me root access to their web server though. Is
> it strictly necessary?

It is not strictly necessary - search recent messages for more detail.

> Also, it should be fine if I manage the database conversion using the
> test setup and then move it over to the Debian system shouldn't it? I
> mean, the database won't change from that surely?

If your settings are similar enough and/or your database dump is
careful enough, it should be fine.

Hope that helps,
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