[Koha] Ubuntu/Debian: hosting and root access

Alka Larkan-Grobler alka at eisa.org.za
Thu Nov 1 01:16:15 NZDT 2007

Dear Koha users and developers
I am new to Koha, in fact haven't even downloaded it yet. I will be
using Ubuntu set up a test server (6.0.6 LAMP LTS) although the live
installation will probably be on a Debian box. I have some questions:
I will need to host the system on a server outside my LAN. I'd like it
to be on the same server that hosts our web site. I doubt that our
service provider will give me root access to their web server though. Is
it strictly necessary?
Also, it should be fine if I manage the database conversion using the
test setup and then move it over to the Debian system shouldn't it? I
mean, the database won't change from that surely?
You advice appreciated.
Warm regards

Alka Larkan-Grobler
Senior Programme Officer, ICT
http://www.eisa.org.za <http://www.eisa.org.za/> 
tel +27 11 482 54 95
fax +27 (0)86 604 18 61
EISA - Promoting credible elections and
       democratic governance in Africa

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