[Koha] How to make MARC Fields Appear in Opac?

Bo Schafers bo at weavebrain.com.au
Mon May 28 04:00:56 NZST 2007

Hi Again,

Still trying to get my head around Koha. So I've been through all the 
tags, identifying the ones our organisation is likely to use (mainly 
tradtitional koha items), disabling many others and now have a MARC form 
consisting of only 2 tabs, with tab 10 hidden. (Took me ages to figure 
out hiding was deliberate, or is it?) Quite a bit of work, but cool, now 
that it's done :-)

Now that I have my fields, how do I control which field displays in the 
Opac? Also, changing the label to the field? They seem to be different 
in the Opac to the ones defined in the subfield screen. Seemingly this 
can this be somehow be done via the admin interface? Or have I 
misunderstood this and  its all pretty much hard-coded? I read the 
somewhat cryptic help file in the Edit Subfields screen which refers to 
17 different visibility condtions. An exclamtion mark (!) signifying 
where what is hidden. Does this actaully work? I've not yet been able to 
just take an obscure MARC field and deliberately make it display in the 

It would be absolutely awesome if this customisability was operational, 
so I hope I've just missed the main point (as I often do) and there is 
actually a way of achieving this.

Best Regards to all, TIA

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