[Koha] What Am I missing?

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed May 23 17:23:20 NZST 2007

Bo Schafers wrote:

>> Can I ask a simple question: does your Search (simple
>> or advanced) work on your system via the OPAC interface?
> Yes that works.
>> As well, you mention that a certain script downloads
>> instead of executes. Is this the case with all scripts?

Urgh ... okay, we have a different problem.
You may have read it on this list: Saerch does not return
any meaningful results. But we are using a database that has
gone the 2.0.0 -> 2.2.7 -> 2.2.8 route and now 2.2.9
and now has cacked it, spit the dummy, chucked up , etc. :(

> Yes, there are other scripts that execute without any worries, it's merely
> the Import to Resevoir and calling the Z39.50 search where it's
> downloading the pl file instead of executing it. This is why I thought I
> might be missing a module....
> Thanks for looking into my issue Rick! Fellow Aussie? I'm in Perth myself.

I'm in Sydney. Welcome to Koha.

Now, perhaps you could try running the script from the command
line and see what happens, i.e.

cd /usr/local/koha

If that works, i.e. it executes the perl, then the problem is
in Apache, imho. If the script will not even start in the shell,
then the problem goes deeper.

(You will probably get a few perl errors about undefined modules
  if perl does execute, but who cares: that shows you that perl at
  least can execute the script)


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