[Koha] What Am I missing?

Bo Schafers bo at weavebrain.com.au
Wed May 23 14:03:13 NZST 2007

Thanks for your reply!

I'm stuck, unable to progress our move to Koha. Is there anyone out 
there using a late Debian variant? Etch, Ubuntu  Feisty,  or similar - 
who has mentioned the issues i.e. with some PL files not executing (see 
previous post for details)? So at least the problem might be verified? 
Sorry to sound so negative, but at the moment I'm starting to fear that 
Koha might not work for us. It's a shame, we so much like the concept 
and ideology...


MJ Ray wrote:
> Bo Schafers <bo at weavebrain.com.au> wrote:
>> Just wanted to clarify my earlier message. Koha offers the actual file 
>> to be downloaded to my desktop (via a dialogue box), in other words the 
>> file is not being executed on the server. Anyone ever heard of this? It 
>> says in the user guide that you must have the event module installed. I 
>> reinstalled it again, without any errors. But still no luck...
> This is almost certainlly an Apache configuration problem.  It may be
> that debian 4.0 (etch) has changed configuration enough to cause this.
> I have a clean etch handy and will investigate shortly.
> Regards,

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