[Koha] What Am I missing?

Bo Schafers bo at weavebrain.com.au
Tue May 22 01:44:37 NZST 2007

Just wanted to clarify my earlier message. Koha offers the actual file 
to be downloaded to my desktop (via a dialogue box), in other words the 
file is not being executed on the server. Anyone ever heard of this? It 
says in the user guide that you must have the event module installed. I 
reinstalled it again, without any errors. But still no luck...

> 1. When I try to use the Cataloguing|Marc Import feature, pressing the 
> 'Import' button cause the browser to attempt to download breeding.pl ???
> 2. When I try to a Z39.50 search to populate a blank record with 
> remote data  pressing the  'Seach Internet' button causes the browser 
> to download seach.pl ?
> Quite a frustrating issue, I'm assuming its doing this due to a 
> missing module? Which one(s)?
> Help!

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