[Koha] What Am I missing?

Bo Schafers bo at weavebrain.com.au
Mon May 21 05:55:44 NZST 2007

Hi All,

Thanks for you recent help with the bulkimport script. I have 
encountered some more obstacles...

1. When I try to use the Cataloguing|Marc Import feature, pressing the 
'Import' button cause the browser to attempt to download breeding.pl ???
2. When I try to a Z39.50 search to populate a blank record with remote 
data  pressing the  'Seach Internet' button causes the browser to 
download seach.pl ?

Quite a frustrating issue, I'm assuming its doing this due to a missing 
module? Which one(s)?


(2.9.9 on Debian Etch, MySQL 5.0 Apache2)

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