[Koha] ActiveState Perl - V5.8.8.817 or V5.8.8.820 to install koha v2.2.8koha win32 downloads

Rifaudeen M.M. rifayiqa at seu.ac.lk
Thu May 17 15:18:25 NZST 2007

I am a new user for the KOHA for windows. 

I wanted to install the new version for windows Koha V2.2.8.

I visited the "download links for windows (http://www.koha.rwjr.com/)  <http://www.koha.rwjr.com/) >  to install the packages for Koha Open Source Library Software 2.2.8  and other supporting programme. I found there some IMPORTANT - RECOMMENDED VERSIONS OF SUPPORTING PROGRAMS AS OF APRIL 2007 and downloaded 1. Koha V2.2.8.    2. Apache - V2.2.4   3. MySQL - V4.1.22.

But I could not downloaded the ActiveState Perl - V5.8.8.817 or V5.8.8.820. 
I shall be very much grateful if some one send this "ActiveState Perl - V5.8.8.817 or V5.8.8.820" as an attachment, so that i will be able to install KOHA 2.2.8
Best regards,
MM Rifaudeen
Acting Librarian
South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
P.O. Box No.01, University Park, Oluvil #32360, 
Ph./Fax: +94 67 2255160
Mobile: +94 77 6576115
E-mail: rifayiqa at seu.ac.lk
Web: www.seu.ac.lk
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