[Koha] Missing files in default-framework?

Beda Szukics beda at muri-gries.ch
Fri Jun 22 23:27:59 NZST 2007

Hello everybody 

I'm making my second steps with koha. 

Right now I'm trying to add some biblios in the catalogue. 

When I try to alter the fields 007 or 008 with the dialog utility I get a 
message about downloading plugin-launcher.pl 

In the error logs I see: 

[Fri Jun 22 13:05:24 2007] [error] [client] 
HTML::Template->new() : Cannot open included file /usr/local/koha/int
ranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/default/en/value_builder/marc21_field_007.tmpl : 
file not found. at /usr/share/perl5/HTML/Template. 

and some other errors I think are subsequent to this one. 

If I change the Preference order for intranet interface templates from 
default to npl everything seem to be OK. 

I like the default :-) 

Is there something wrong or have I done something stupid? 

Greetings             Beda 


Beda Szukics         www.muri-gries.ch
Benediktinerkollegium, Bruenigstr. 177
CH-6060 Sarnen

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