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BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Sat Jul 21 03:45:15 NZST 2007


> I thought my solution to handling periodicals in a small public
library might be worth sharing on the list. I was half-awake yesterday
morning when I started re-thinking the process. I do all my initial
cataloging in Millennium as I contribute records to MaineCat, a shared
statewide database so our stuff can be requested by other Maine
libraries. Since nearly every periodical is represented in the master
database, I have imported them into Koha via Z39.50. Since issues get
discarded rather quickly due to shelving constraints, I decided to use
my spine label template to create very simple generic barcodes (GM1,
GM2, GM3, etc.) It took about ten minutes to create and print 300.
> I'm adding issues, using the date as the call # and slapping one of
the generic barcodes on the back. While I have to type them in as
opposed to scanning, it still makes for a quick and simple procedure
once I have the initial import of bib records done and the backlog of
current issues added.

I salute you, Sir, both for your cunning method of handling serials and
more importantly for your contribution to MaineCat. I can't help but
relate to you and the rest of the list that that is the catalogue of
choice for me in terms of swiping records. The quality by and large is
outstanding. Thank you so much for engaging in the sluggery that is
duplication of bibliographic information.

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA 
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