[Koha] adding Z39.50 search results to reservoir

Chris Cormack crc at liblime.com
Thu Jul 19 18:59:29 NZST 2007

On 19/07/2007, at 5:56 PM, Janusz S. Bień wrote:

> I consider using KOHA for cataloging a book collection, so I am
> experimenting with Z39.50 search.
> Koha 2.2 Users Guide
>         http://kohadocs.org/usersguide/ch04s02.html#d0e2485
> states
>         Once Koha has searched through the list of Z39.50 servers that
>         were setup in your Koha parameters, the pop-up window will
>         display the search results.
>         At this point, all of the retrieved records have been added to
>         your MARC reservoir.
> Is this really so?

Yes this is right, they are imported into the reservoir, and the one  
you select is imported into the catalog.
You can test this by going to cataloguing typing in the isbn or the  
title of one of the results that came back from you Z3950 search  
before. And you should get that showing in the reservoir section of  
the results.

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