[Koha] attempting to install Koha at Bluehost.com

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Jul 19 03:24:37 NZST 2007

"Joshua M. Ferraro" <jmf at liblime.com> wrote:
> ----- "MJ Ray" <mjr at phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> > "Joshua M. Ferraro" <jmf at liblime.com> wrote:
> > > Net::Z3950 should be replaced with Net::Z3950::ZOOM. In any case,
> > this
> > > module is only used if you plan to use the integrated Z39.50 client
> > > in the MARC editor.
> > 
> > Which module is "this module" there?
> Net::Z3950 is deprecated, it relies on an old codebase that's
> unmaintained and buggy. Net::Z3950::ZOOM is the module currently
> used by Koha's Z39.50 client, and the only required module of the
> two for Koha. [...]

So "this module" is Net::Z3950.  After chris mentioning that about.pl
is out-of-date, I'll remove today's additions to PREREQ_PM.

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