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Weinheimer Jim j.weinheimer at aur.edu
Thu Jul 5 20:50:54 NZST 2007

Hello all,

About a year ago, I installed Koha 2.2.7 and converted from a pseudo-UNIMARC database to MARC21. Now I am going to upgrade to 2.2.9 and I am rechecking everything. I have always had problems with my location information, and now I think I have discovered why. This may have been mentioned elsewhere on the list.

I used the default MARC format and followed the instructions in http://www.kohadocs.org/holdings.html for the mapping. Only now have I noticed that these instructions in "3. MARC 21 to Koha Holdings Mappings" do not follow the default framework (at least in my catalog). For example, it says: Map 541 $d; or 876 $d, 877 $d, and 878 $d  to  952 $d for items.dateaccessioned
but 952 $d in my default MARC format is holding branch. 952 $v is dateacessioned.

and Map 852 $c, 856 $u, 876 $l, 877 $l, and 878 $l  to  952 $c for items.location.
when there is no 952 $c in the default (there is in 2.2.9)

There may be other discrepancies as well. So, I suggest that people look very carefully at this document and compare it to the actual settings when they are their mapping.

James Weinheimer
Director of Library and Information Services
The American University of Rome
Rome, Italy

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