[Koha] Re: a possible error in Koha; an installation guide

Rob Weir robweir at alum.drexel.edu
Tue Jan 16 07:13:57 NZDT 2007

Hello Koha Lover,
The win32 install you ran includes a set of sample data so you can 
evaluate koha
and decide if you want to try it with your own data. So no, it is not a 
it was done for a reason. If you were going to use only english to enter 
data, it is possible to delete the existing sample data and import your 
own data
using a bulkmarcimport script which has a purge option. Or a blank data 
set is
also included in the install, but many of the configuration settings 
need to be made
before you can use it.

 However, since you are interested in using koha with Modern Greek, I am
almost certain that you should not use the sample data sets that are 
with win32 install package. I don't know much about  using languages 
other than
english, but I do know that the included data sets were not created to use
unicode (UTF-8?) encoding and so I am almost certain that you will need to
create a new set of blank data using unicode before you can use the greek
character set. This may sound difficult, but there is script that you 
can run to
do it.

I just found this page on the koha wiki that may help you:


Note that this page says:
"MySQL <http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=mysql> Version 4.1 is absolute 
minimum if you want to handle encoding correctly"
"You must create your Koha database _after_ you set the character set 
otherwise the database could be set to the wrong defaults"

I have not set up encoding like this before, so I don't know how much I can
help you. If I get some free time, I will try to test it. I will copy 
the list on this
response, and perhaps some other members can offer some suggestions for
configuring koha to use a non-english character set.

For the Z3950 queries, I think a dial-up should work, but of course it 
may not
be fast. If you can browse the internet from the computer, you should be 
able to
do a Z3950 query. Of course you will need to activate the dial-up connection
before you do any queries.

I hope this helps.


Koha Lover wrote:
> Dear Mr Weir:
> I realize that you are quite busy but I would like to
> pose a possible error to you.  When we first got into
> Koha (Intranet; 'Koha', 'Koha') we found that there
> was a branch waiting for us from a college in India. 
> That branch couldn't be deleted because the message
> said that it was still needed.  Evidently there are
> still books in the data base which depend on that
> branch.  This seems to be an error, unless it is
> intentional for one reason or another.  How will we
> purge  such remnants of other installations from the
> data base?
> At the moment we have installed Koha on a second
> computer, one that has a dial-up line.  We don't know
> enough to test YAZ yet, however.
> When we do set up a LAN, does the Koha/LAN network
> architecture oblige a fixed connection to our ISP (for
> example ADSL)?  It seems to me that dial-up will be a
> non-starter, but networks are something I'm very weak
> in.
> The person I am helping requested that I write a
> little guide how to install Koha with the actual
> givens that we have here in his library.  In this
> guide I have used some material from your own emails
> and also included some internal references from the
> local environment here.  However, it occurred to me
> that with the appropriate changes you might find the
> guide useful in other contexts.
> We have started to learn about MARC.
> We have also contacted M. Poulain to ask about
> converting Koha to Modern Greek.
> Thanks very much for your assistance up to now.
> With best wishes--
> Koha Lover
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