[Koha] Introduction

Frédéric DEMIANS frederic at tamil.fr
Thu Feb 15 21:24:24 NZDT 2007


My name is Frédéric Demians. I'm based in Paris, France. I've been
working with specialized libraries for years. In the past, I developed
software for libraries, named Tamil. I used to sell and maintained it.
After that, I distributed databases and ILSs (Integrated Library
Software) in France. My activity consisted in deploying those solutions
in libraries and information centers, and also developing
specifically-related solutions: web portals for library catalogs,
archive collections, etc., and e-commerce portals.

Today I am embracing the Open Source paradigm and I've chosen Koha as ILS.

My double experience, as a software developer and distributor, allows me
to compare both approaches, which has led me to value the advantages of
Open Source. Dialog with users is straightforward and drive fast
software improvements. For my customers and myself I want this ease of

I’m also choosing Koha because I’m convinced that evolution of libraries
in the near future will be much more practically handled by Open Source
and Community-supported technologies. It seems very true for the
specialized libraries I am pleased to work with.

And last, although greetings season has gone by a few weeks, I'd like to
greet and express my best wishes to Koha users' community! I devoutly
expect it to thrive and I intend to dedicate myself to its blooming.

Frédéric DEMIANS

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