[Koha] help me for koha database structure

wahyu prasetyo wapdoang at yahoo.co.id
Thu Feb 15 17:59:13 NZDT 2007

Hai all

I am currently using koha 2.2.7 on win XP SP2, running smooth and well, but there are some question about database for koha. 
1. cataloging books.
   For cataloging. For example: I have 100 books titled "MatLab Programming", of course with the same ISBN and barcode. And I want to add into biblio, but when i look the sample227 one book identified with one barcode. How can I put my 100 books into item counts without having 100 different barcodes?
2. members.
    For members. How can I make the differences  between members and borrowers? Is that any tools to view report  for just member count or for just active borrowers?
3. parameters - Link Koha - MARC DB
    How can I set this parameters without error? Can anybody give the example?

thanks a lot

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