[Koha] Thumnail images in catalog search results? (Was: details automatically from the internet)

Fred.King at Medstar.net Fred.King at Medstar.net
Sat Dec 29 10:18:56 NZDT 2007

This question finally prompted me to post my own comments and questions to 
the list. I've been experimenting with Koha for the past couple of 
months--I've set up Koha for Windows on a couple of computers, and I have 
the Ubuntu VM version on a couple of PCs to play around with as well. Our 
library (8000 or so books, plus a few thousand bound journals) is 
considering changing ILSs, and I've been looking into both Koha and 

However, that doesn't have a lot to do with my current question: is there 
a way to link a locally-stored thumbnail image to a record so that it 
displays in a catalog search? I'm thinking of putting a photo archive into 
Koha as a way to teach myself how to use it. (If we do switch ILSs at 
work, I'm going to know a lot more about structures, etc., than I do know, 
and the best way I learn is by wading in doing it.) I know it's possible 
to include a link to a URL in the 856 tag, but that's not quite what I 
want. I'm looking for something a bit more like the Gallery View of the 
photo collections in the Library of Congress' American Memory project (see 
http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/award97/ndfahtml/ngphome.html for an example).

And as for the Z39.50 question, I tried adding a record earlier this week 
on my home Ubuntu/VM copy, and it worked. My barcode scanner didn't work 
all that well (yes, I have a barcode scanner at home; doesn't 
everybody??), but the Z39.50 search did. 

Fred King
Medical Librarian, Washington Hospital Center
fred.king at medstar.net

koha-bounces at lists.katipo.co.nz wrote on 12/26/2007 11:45:06 AM:

> "Mr Jody Kerley" <kerlj001 at medway.org.uk> wrote:
> > I'm VERY new to KOHA.  Can I scan a barcode to add a book , and get 
all the 
> > details automatically from the internet, including cover pics? if yes, 
> > please?
> Not including cover pics unless you have an Amazon account and can
> agree to their terms (which I would be surprised by in a school), but
> most other bibliographic details can be added from a Z39.50 search of
> a remote server.  Z39.50 server lists are available and maybe a school

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