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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Dec 27 05:45:06 NZDT 2007

"Mr Jody Kerley" <kerlj001 at medway.org.uk> wrote:
> I'm VERY new to KOHA.  Can I scan a barcode to add a book , and get all the 
> details automatically from the internet, including cover pics? if yes, how 
> please?

Not including cover pics unless you have an Amazon account and can
agree to their terms (which I would be surprised by in a school), but
most other bibliographic details can be added from a Z39.50 search of
a remote server.  Z39.50 server lists are available and maybe a school
can find some partner libraries at councils or other schools that have
similar collections.  Put the details into the Z39.50 servers admin
screens in Parameters on the Intranet (usually :8080) pages.

It should be that one goes into acquisitions, scan the ISBN/UPC
barcode into the field and click Z39.50 search - I've not checked how
that's working recently, but it used to work.  Recent user guide at

Hope that helps,
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