[Koha] Koha software and Amazon

Zeno Tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Thu Dec 20 01:07:54 NZDT 2007

Hi to all,

from version 2.2.6 Koha can be enrich with data and images from Amazon.
After read the code in /koha-2.2.9/modules/C4/Amazon.pm
I think that I need to subscribe the Amazon Web Services  with different
users for every installation of Koha.

But is there a generic agree for Koha users with Amazon ?
As I see in the Amazon Web Services™ Customer Agreement

5.1. Amazon Associates Web Service
      [the service called from the module Amazon.pm at the address

5.1.3. You are not permitted to use Amazon 
Associates Web Service with any Application or for any use
  that does not have, as its principal purpose, 
driving traffic to the Amazon Website and driving sales of
  products and services on the Amazon Website.

5.1.4. Without our prior written approval, you 
may not access or use the Amazon Associates Web Service for
the purpose of aggregating, analyzing, 
extracting, or repurposing any Amazon Properties (including the AWS Content).
   You should contact us at aws @ amazon.com to seek our prior approval

5.1.7. Your use of the Amazon Properties must be 
strictly limited to promoting the availability of products and
  services on the Amazon Website, and you must 
link each use of the Amazon Properties to the related product
detail page of the Amazon Website.

So, strictly speaking is not possible to use 
Amazon.com data in Koha, the principal purpose of Koha isn't
  driving traffi to Amazon Website.

Has LibLime done a specif agreement about it ?

Thanks for all


Zeno Tajoli
CILEA - Segrate (MI)
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