[Koha] Koha frameworks internationalisation

Thomas Dukleth kohalist at agogme.com
Fri Dec 14 05:39:39 NZDT 2007

If you have any language specific or MARC variant specific Koha frameworks
for sharing so that others may benefit from your frameworks in forthcoming
Koha 3.0, the frameworks export script is now ready for multiple operating

Obtain the latest version of the Koha 2.2.X MARC Frameworks Export Script
for your operating system.  The export script should function from any
system with mysqldump and access to the database as the Koha user given in
koha.conf .

The only essential requirement is having mysqldump included in the system
$PATH when running the script.  [A possible later version may allow
specifying the path to mysqldump as a user option if someone thinks that
is needed.]  Koha does not need to be installed on the system running the
script nor does it even need Perl.



For Unix based systems (Unix, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) download the
latest version of export_framework.sh.


For installation requirements type:

export_frameworks.sh -? i

For help type:

export_frameworks.sh -?

For usage examples type:

export_frameworks.sh -? e


For Microsoft Windows systems (Unix, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) download
the latest version of export_framework.bat for use as a script run from
the command line console.


For installation requirements type:

export_frameworks.bat -? i

The installation requirements message explains how to obtain and install
the bsdtar for Win32 dependency which is not needed for the Unix version
of the script.

For help type:

export_frameworks.bat -?

For usage examples type:

export_frameworks.bat -? e


Upon completion, after a few seconds, the script gives a specific message
about where to send an email  with the exported frameworks file attached
so that it may be edited for inclusion as part of Koha 3.0 to share with

If anything goes wrong, an appropriate error message is displayed.

Please contact me on or off list if you have any questions or need
assistance using the script.

Thomas Dukleth
109 E 9th Street, 3D
New York, NY  10003

On Mon, November 26, 2007 8:47 am, Thomas Dukleth wrote:
> Do you use MARC 21 in a language other than English?  Do you use UNIMARC
> in a language other than French or English?  Do you use a MARC variant
> other than MARC 21 or UNIMARC?
> If you have any language specific or MARC variant specific Koha frameworks
> for sharing, please contact me on or off the list.  LibLime has asked me
> to prepare whatever MARC frameworks I can obtain for use in the
> forthcoming version of Koha 3.0.  Share yours so that others do not need
> to do redundant work.
> [MARC frameworks are either bibliographic or authorities frameworks and go
> by various names in Koha depending upon how you access them.  In the
> system administration intranet interface, they are identified as Biblio
> framework (MARC structure) for bibliographic frameworks or Thesaurus
> structure for authorities.  In the installation directories, they have
> names such as structure_def.sql for bibliographic frameworks or
> authorities_normal_marc.sql for authorities.]
> I will supply very simple instructions for exporting your frameworks from
> your SQL database if you need such assistance.


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