[Koha] What is the Koha Records Limit for Koha 2.2.8?

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Sat Aug 25 01:15:23 NZST 2007

> How soon can we expect Koha 3.0? Can we expect Koha 3.0 for Linux and
> Windows at the same time.

Koha for Windows is developed by a different group of people than the
"main" Koha. That's why Koha for Windows lags
behind. Whoever is putting together Koha for Windows is probably waiting until the
main Koha release, and then make whatever changes are necessary.

Are you on the Koha-Win32 list? That's probably a better forum for Koha on
Windows questions.


  -- Owen

Web Developer
Nelsonville Public Library

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