[Koha] Re: Koha on Ubuntu install guide

Matthew Metzger news at thinkdeeper.com
Sat Sep 23 05:24:03 NZST 2006

I imagine that my guide could be turned into an installation script by 
someone with more experience than I have.

BWS Johnson wrote:
> Salvete!
 > Awesome, thanks a heap! I think we would see a lot more people running
 > Koha if they only needed to put in two CDs and very little effort.
 > Ubuntu installs very smoothly, and I'd love to see a CD for Koha that
 > installs just as smoothly as Ubuntu.

>  >I've installed Koha 2.2.5 on Ubuntu server 6.06
>  >
>  >Many people have had trouble with installing on this operating system
>  >and I couldn't find many documents on the web concerning koha on ubuntu.
>  >
>  >So here is a link to a guide that I wrote as I completed the install:
>  >http://matthew.metzger.cc/wiki/index.php?title=Install_Koha_on_Ubuntu_6.06
>  >
>  >I'll be adding some details and making it read better as I have time.

> Cheers,
> Brooke @ Hinsdale MA
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