[Koha] Re: Z3950 Misbehaviours Fixed

lalitanand dandge dandgelb at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 16:39:28 NZST 2006

> NPL version of z3950servers.tmpl:
> <select name="syntax">
>         <option value="USMARC">USMARC</option>
>         <option value="UNIMARC">UNIMARC<> /option>
> </select>

> processz3950queue:

> eval { $conn->option(preferredRecordS> yntax =>
>  Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::USMARC);} if ($globalsyntax eq "MARC21");
> eval { $conn->option(preferredRecordSyntax =>
>  Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::UNIMARC);} if ($globalsyntax eq "UNIMARC");

I problem is still there.
I changed what you specified in NPL template.
I did not get what changes need to be done in processz3950queue (i trried
changing USMARC with MARC21 but it resulted into errors),
Another thing i wanted to tell you that,
my z3950 daemon is running, and I am also getting the log file with the name
you said.
$ps -a | grep z3950 gives result...
16479 pts/0    00:00:00 processz3950que

and, i am getting the log file named, z3950-daemon-20060809-0959.log

but it is blank.

thanks and regards


On 8/8/06, Mike D. <dalgity at htl.net> wrote:

lalitanand dandge <dandgelb at ...> writes:
> >
> >
> > hi,I have a trouble searching records with z39.50 search.i read and
> followed
> what you told.but one problem i am having is that, i am not getting any
> records
> in z3950 searchand also as u said, the results may not be displayed but
> they
> can be found in the
> > log, but i am not getting anything in the log...so may be i am missing
> something or something is wrong that i am not getting.so please write me
> if you
> have any idea.(I am using koha2.2.5 and npl template...)
> > thanks and regards.Lalitanand.
> >
> Hi, Since you say you are getting nothing in the log I would check to make
> sure
> you have the Z3950 client running. Try the command
> ps -a | grep z3950
> You should see something like this:
> 22583 p0  I
> 1:03.75 /usr/bin/perl
> /var/www/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon/processz3950que
> ue /var/www/koha/log
> If you don't then Z3950 hasn't been started.
> If the Z3950 client has started then in /koha/log you should see a log
> file in
> the following format:
> z3950-daemon-YYYYMMDD-HHMM.log
> If you don't then you likely have a file permissions problem and it can't
> create the log file
> Mike D.
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