[Koha] Koha and LOC Classification

Henri-Damien LAURENT laurenthdl at alinto.com
Wed May 17 00:12:12 NZST 2006

michelle campbell a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am having some trouble setting up the catalogue to use Library of
> Congress classification.  Even if I set the field as "Mandatory"
> within the Biblio framework, the field still does not show up within
> the "Add Biblio" field.  Can anyone offer me advice on how to get
> around this?  I've looked through the archives and documentation and
> can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
> Thanks!
> Michelle Campbell
IMHO, I think that you need to change tab in parameters/framework in the
050$a field. It must be set to ignore. Setting it to a 1 to 9 value will
display the subfield in the selected tab when editing.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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