[Koha] More questions for migrating to koha

BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Thu Sep 16 01:45:28 NZST 2004


I got all of my patrons into Koha. (Yea!)

I can't seem to get the permissions straight for my clerks. (Boo!)

I do not yet want my clerks doing any cataloguing. Most of the time
they're okay, but when they're off you wouldn't want to see the grizzly

So, I set up an account for them called staff. I then modified the user
flags so that they could


But, when I go to add a borrower, Koha yells at me saying that it
doesn't think I have permission to add a borrower from the staff
account. I know that it will work if I check the superlibrarian box BUT
I don't want my staff to bother with the MARC catalogue (confusing) or
be able to add biblios. Your help would be appreciated!

Brooke @ Hinsdale MA 
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