[Koha] What the use of websites table in Koha 2.0?

Rachel Hamilton-Williams rachel at katipo.co.nz
Mon Aug 16 12:15:35 NZST 2004


> I couldn't exactly get what is the purpose of the Koha.websites table. I
> mean already 856u is storing urls, so what does this one do in Koha
> 2.0.0?

I hope I can give you the "non technical" answer.

We are both adding a website as a link to a catalogued item (book), and 
cataloguing URL's as separate items.

For a particular "book" there can be more than one website link, and we had 
supplimentry information as well, like the words that should form the link - ie

http://www.katipo.co.nz = URL
Katipo Website = Link Words

And we had a note/description so that you could say.....

<a href="http://www.katipo.co.nz">Katipo Website</a>
Visit this site to check the latest news and Koha installs.

The work that we (Katipo) did with cataloguing websites predated the MARC work 
so it may be that some tidying up needs to be done to get the two together in a 
sensible way.

Let me know if that points you in the right direction, and if not then we'll 
await a more technical response :-)



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