[Koha] Newbie question - possible to include dummy 'records' as templates?

Steven F. Baljkas baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Apr 18 08:26:19 NZST 2004

Saturday, April 17, 2004    15:15 CDT

Hi, Stephen, Ernest, et al.

Re: the 'not yet' answer to Ernesto's question
> >> Is there a way to create diferent tag structures so I have
> >> predefined templates for books, magazines, pictures,
> >> videos, cds, etc???

I am going to display my programming ignorance again and ask a follow-up
question re: Stephen's specification that

> It seems like this would require a separate  marc_subfield_structure table
> for each item type.  Then the user could specify which item type they want
> to catalog and Koha would consult the appropriate table to determine which
> tags and subfields would be displayed. (This would mean that the task of
> up the MARC subfield structure would be even more complex than it is now!
>  So if Koha were to implement this change, it would be nice if people
would share
> their templates with others, once they have them defined.)

Would it be possible to include with the Koha distribution dummy 'records'
(templates) of each of the common GMD types?

If these could be made difficult to delete or alter accidentally, they would
serve as the kind of templates Ernesto probably means. (This is what the
ILS's Athena and MicroCat do essentially; probably others also.)

I would be willing to take the time (inter-contracts now) to work on
detailing the MARC21 tag structure specifics if that would help. I hope to
be up and running with Koha's latest stable version later this month and
could harvest and export the tag structures (as was explained in the answer
to a question I posed for Doc) after setting them up in my Koha.

Anyway, Stephen, would it be possible to have dummy 'records' as a simple

Steven F. Baljkas
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