[Koha] Koha development work

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Wed Dec 24 07:30:53 NZDT 2003

Since we're bandying about our desires for new Koha features, this seems
like a good time and place to ask for ideas of what you would like to see
added to (or changed in) Koha in the future.  Ideally, I'd like to see
ideas submitted one per email, with a brief explanation.  Replies to that
email to clarify, amend, support, or criticise (politely please) feature
requests are also welcome.


Pat Eyler
Kaitiaki/manager               migrant Linux sys admin
the Koha project               ruby, shell, and perl geek
http://www.koha.org            http://pate.eylerfamily.org

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