[Koha] Going completely on-line with Koha

Anne Zarinnia zarinnie at uww.edu
Mon Dec 1 13:54:14 NZDT 2003

Steve and David,
This is a very important feature to add to Koha. It is something that 
librarians look for when comparing products.
I missed Paul's message on this, but I'll go back and check.
Anne Zarinnia

On Saturday, November 29, 2003, at 05:28 PM, baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca 

> Saturday, November 29, 2003    17:22 CST
> Hi, David,
> Good luck with going online.
> Just from what other library folk have experienced in the past, it may 
> be
> wise to keep at least one set of your card catalogue (I assumed that 
> was
> what you meant by "on-paper", although if it is a book catalogue, that 
> is
> even easier) for the first year or so as staff transition to relying 
> on the
> Koha ILS.
> Don't know about generating new acq reports, but as for your other 
> question
>> [...]is there a way to add jacket cover photos or Web-based links
>> relevant to a book or its author?
> I had asked this question earlier this year. The answer at the time was
> "no, not yet"
> In responding, Paul indicated what would be needed to be added to do 
> it,
> which was well beyond me. I can dig his answer up if you want.
> Otherwise, as Paul stated at the time, it was *not* a high priority 
> for the
> developers, although I still think it would be a great little bell &
> whistle for Koha to consider adding soon.
> Cheers,
> Steven F. Baljkas
> library tech at large
> Koha neophyte
> Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
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