[Koha] Going completely on-line with Koha

baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 30 12:28:56 NZDT 2003

Saturday, November 29, 2003    17:22 CST

Hi, David,

Good luck with going online.

Just from what other library folk have experienced in the past, it may be
wise to keep at least one set of your card catalogue (I assumed that was
what you meant by "on-paper", although if it is a book catalogue, that is
even easier) for the first year or so as staff transition to relying on the
Koha ILS.

Don't know about generating new acq reports, but as for your other question

>[...]is there a way to add jacket cover photos or Web-based links
>relevant to a book or its author?
I had asked this question earlier this year. The answer at the time was
"no, not yet"

In responding, Paul indicated what would be needed to be added to do it,
which was well beyond me. I can dig his answer up if you want. 
Otherwise, as Paul stated at the time, it was *not* a high priority for the
developers, although I still think it would be a great little bell &
whistle for Koha to consider adding soon.
Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

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