[Koha] Low-end Koha: after the hardware

Rich Churcher rmch at xtra.co.nz
Thu Sep 25 13:45:16 NZST 2003

So I've cobbled together a server for my primary school library
project.  It's an AMD Athlon 700 MHz chip on an Asus motherboard, 20 GB
Seagate HDD, a 10/100 card, 128 MB SD-RAM (which I'll double before
hooking it up to the network) all wrapped up in a cheap Koala ATX case. 
Some donated, some bought new.

I'm almost done with installing Linux (doing the Kernel compile as I
write this.  So the next stage is upon me: getting the library data out
of Catalist and into Koha.

My first question is, what's the best way to export the Catalist
database?  Bear in mind I'm not a librarian (I grok a fair bit of
database-speak though).  I'm assuming this involves MARC in some way,
but I'm going to need some details on how to proceed.


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