[Koha] Re: Koha collections on CD

rachel at katipo.co.nz rachel at katipo.co.nz
Thu Sep 18 19:57:31 NZST 2003

Hi there - I'm not sure if you could use Koha in this way - I've sent your
question to the koha mailing list, which you might like to join -


someone there may have had a go at doing something similar.

Another option is to use a product like greenstone - www.nzdl.org which
I'm pretty sure does go onto cd's quite easily

good luck


> Dear Rachel,
> I am a librarian at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. We are an
> inter-governmental organization serving 27 member countries(of which NZ
> is one) and Pacific Island Territories. We provide research, technical
> support, training and programmes in the areas of Fisheries, Agriculture,
> Forestry, Gender, Culture,Youth and Public Health. We have a medium
> sized research library. Our website is www.spc.int and the library is at
> www.spc.int/library.  (Just for the record, we use DB/Textworks and I
> find it frustratingly limited).
> I am creating  a cd of full-text information on environmental health
> issues and solutions to Pacific island problems. We decided on a CD
> rather than a web site given the expense  of and often unreliable
> quality of internet access, especially on the smaller islands. To be
> useful, the cd must be searchable. To be viable, as we are a not-for
> -profit organization and because the library faces the familiar problem
> of budget cutbacks, I am looking for a search software that can be put
> onto a CD. Free would be fantastic.
> Can Koha run on a CD?   I've been to your website and I am impressed
> with the product--but to be frank, I am not at all techie and I cannot
> tell from the website if it could be transferred to a CD. I imagine that
> I would want to create various indices--similar to a library catalog:
> AU, TI, DATE, KW, even SH.
> My apologies--and my thanks-- in advance for asking for the most basic
> advice here.
> Cordial regards,
> Rachele Oriente
> Librarian
> Secretariat of the Pacific Community
> BP D5 98848
> Nouméa Cedex
> New Caledonia
> tel: +687 26 01 37
> fax: +687 26 38 18
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