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Steven F. Baljkas baljkas at mb.sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 9 17:58:23 NZST 2003

Tuesday, September 9, 2003    00:50 CDT

Hi, Greg,

It's not unusual for ILS to use 090 for the call number used by the library.
This is, in part, because LC used it for both Local Call Number and Shelf
Location at different times in the past (I actually have a print-off of an
old-enough USMARC Concise Format that lists the 090 that way with the
notation obsolete) and when it was cleared for system developpers use, many
remembered its past and kept it going.

Unless you've dumped your database in migrating/upgrading the Koha, the info
should still be there. Did the call numbers not end up in Koha somehow? How
did you go about mapping your 090 into Koha? If it didn't work and you still
have the original data, you might want to:
     ·  attempt mapping the 090 data into a properly formatted 852 field;
or, as a stop-gap
     ·  select a 9xx number field that wasn't used in your data and isn't
used in Koha and move the call numbers there with a global MARC editor (see
the MARC tools pages at LC for MARCEdit)

Or if Koha currently supports global edits of its MARC data (does it? I
don't remember reading so) I suppose you could do it within the system.

As for issues, I would guess that if the data did map, you'd now have items
types of all the LC classes. That oughta be a neat wake-up call to patrons!

As for the 001 field, yes, you're mostly right. Its formal definition is
Control Number, that is, the number the ILS knows the item by, acting as a
primary key for the database structure holding all the bibliographic records
(i.e. it must be unique within the whole mass).

Hope this helps. If you want some help with the 852 write me back off-list
and I'll be glad to assist.

Steven F. Baljkas
library tech at large
Koha neophyte
Winnipeg, MB CANADA

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> As I was reviewing the bulkmarcimport I noticed that the 090 MARC field is
> used by Koha as the ITEMTYPE fields.
> In the MARC data I am importing, the 090 "a" and "b" subfields are
> local LC call numbers.
> Since Koha assigns  "a" as Koha Itemtype (NR)
>                                          "b" as Koha Dewey Subclass (NR)
>                                          "c" as Koha biblionumber (NR)
>                                          "d" as Koha biblioitemnumber (NR)
> What will happen to my original 090a and 090b fields?  Will they still be
> in the database?  If so, will this cause item "issues"?
> My limited cataloging knowledge tells me that the 001 field is used for
> item number information (at least in the colleges I've worked).  Is that
> not the case with MARC21?
> Thanks!
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