[Koha] MARC importing tool?

Wolfgang Pichler wolfgang.pichler at ivv.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Aug 16 01:03:56 NZST 2003

MJ Ray wrote:

> On 2003-08-15 12:49:46 +0100 Wolfgang Pichler 
> <wolfgang.pichler at ivv.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:
> Existing data from what? 

source : ms-access data (id,author, title, maybe isbn and many other 
fields, all heavily postprocessed by exporting cvs and running heavy 
perl-scripts to check if isbn is valid, to try to figure out multiple 
authors, since they are given with various delimiters [ John & Jack Doe 
/ Doe, John and Jack / Doe, John ; Smith, J. / and all that funny things 
an unconstrained user may do :-(((,  -- size about 16000 items !)

overall they crunched their audio-tapes and multilingual items into such 
a system,
moreover there are borrower's data and currently-issued-states to 
monitor --- l o t s  of funny things to do /w perl.
they wish to reorganize the current overall shelving and collection 
systematics (not sure where to find it in koha : 
biblioitems:classification ?)

all this has to be mapped into the koha-sql-db.
hope that answers the question :-)

> OK, I asked you to restate it because I didn't understand the first 
> time.  I still don't understand.  Can you rephrase/expand?

there are many tinyint's and char(1-4) in the db-scheme, which are 
obviously sometimes booleans, or other indicators for some status
(biblio:serial == boolean : is a serial?, borrowers:categroycode, 

these are not arbitrary fields, but their content has significance in 
processing the record they are in.
there are lots of them and they serve as a kind of interfacing item for 
processing code.
any summaries about these ? or just RTFC ?

> See the koha-devel list archives at sourceforget and see if it has 
> what you need.

this was/is my first source of information retrieval and i am not done 
completely :-)

> YE GODS MAN, WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT US?  Seriously: English probably 
> isn't the easiest language for this, but please be patient with us.

sorry, capitals in austrian literature are just an emphasis, no crying, 
but time will come after 25 years work in IT i will shut this reflex 
down :-)

> sf is latest CVS.

ok. it will be my bible.

cu wolfgang

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