[Koha] Record doesn't exists on V2.0.0

Lucia Phillip LPhillip at nalis.gov.tt
Sat Jul 26 23:56:07 NZST 2003

I am experimenting with version 2 on Windows and I have tried to upload the same MARC files that I was able to upload using the earlier versions and when I check for the record in the breeding farm it says it does not exist.
Lucia Phillip

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I have try upload marc record using data from OCLC using extension file .dat 
and .bib. Statement shows that the records are imported.When I checked the 
record in biblio table, the record does not exists.Am I wrong or maybe 
something to do? Anybody can tell me and explain how to upload the record?
I am using koha v2.0.0 on windows..

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