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Bigwood, David Bigwood at lpi.usra.edu
Wed Jul 23 02:52:24 NZST 2003

It seems folks are having problems getting their data clean. Here are some
free tools that might help get it in better shape before importing.

Showmarc is a DOS program that will show all the MARC fields used and how
many times each is used. http://www.auto-graphics.com/download/SHOWMARC.EXE

MarcEdit (Windows) can change records into human readable format and back
again. It includes an editor, ability to mass add or delete fields, a field
counter, and find and replace. A nice tool, should be a part of every
cataloging dept. http://oregonstate.edu/~reeset/marcedit/html/index.html

MARC RTP (DOS) has the ability to report the subfields as well as the fields
used. It also gives how long the longest instance is.

MARC/Perl is a powerful tool with functions only limited by your coding
ability. http://marcpm.sourceforge.net/

Hope this helps some folks clean up their records.

David Bigwood
bigwood at lpi.usra.edu
Lunar & Planetary Institute
Cataloging News http://www.catalogablog.blogspot.com

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From: Larry Stamm [mailto:larry at larrystamm.com]
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 11:14 PM
To: koha
Subject: Re:[Koha] data import question
Hi Derek,

I find the bulkmarcimport script to be interminably slow, entering only
about 6000 items per hour on our 950 MHz CPU server running Mandrake
9.0.  It is not much slower on my 266 MHZ home machine that I am using
as a test machine.  Because I have to enter all 15,000 items from our
collection to really test for errors in my MARC "munging", it means
another 2 1/2 hr wait to load up all the items again after fixing a
mistake before testing.  I might get frustrated enough to try my hand at
writing a faster upload script...

Larry Stamm, Chair
McBride and District Public Library
McBride, BC  V0J 2E0

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