[Koha] import question

Chris Cormack chris at katipo.co.nz
Wed Jul 9 15:52:28 NZST 2003

On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 11:40:14PM -0400, Derek Dresser said:
> Chris,
> This helps a lot.  Let me just make sure I have it.  A biblio is the general
> information about a publication, a biblioitem is a type of incarnation of a
> publication (book on tape, paperback, hardcover, first edition, etc.) and an
> item is an actual thing that can be checked out that fits one of those types. 
> So you can obviously have multiple types, and then one or more instances of each
> type.  That makes sense.  Thanks.

Yep thats it :)

> Now, during the import process of a bunch of USMARC records using
> bulkmarcimport.pl, should I expect my database to be populated with any items? 
> After doing it, it seems that I get biblios and biblioitems, but no actual
> items.  Just for fun I created a test "item" that matched one of my biblios and
> biblioitems, and then searched for it.  It worked great an I got all the
> relevant info (bar code, etc).  However, it is the only item in my whole
> database.  ;-(
Hmm, ill have to defer to the more MARC savvy people on the list. But yes id
expect you to get at least as many items as you got biblioitems on the import.

Paul ... any ideas?

> FYI, We are hosting a 3 day Linux/Open Source seminar here at the school at the
> end of July and I'm giving one session on installing and configuring Koha.  It
> is aimed at schools and libraries here in Maine.  Should be fun.  There's a
> little more info here if you're interested http://network.gouldacademy.org/ 

Excellent that sounds great. Im sure we can figure out whats up with the
import script before then. So you can do a succesful import.

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