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I have been employed to set up a library at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics. Someone suggested we use Koha as a library and an IT person has installed this.
I am a librarian used to using different systems but not Koha.
I have searched the archives re Classification field but couldn't find a definitive solution. I want to use National Library of Medicine (NLM) class. which is part of Library of Congress and is alphanumeric. When I put this in the Dewey field it doesn't come up on the catalogue screen. When I put it in again under Group modification it doesn't save any of the data I input at that stage. Does this mean I can't use a class. system other than Dewey?

Which brings me to the next few points - I have been reading about bugs but I'm not an IT person so it goes over my head.
I am using Acquisitions Simple. When I try to add a biblio without an ISBN, the next page I go to doesn't  have as many fields as the testsystem on Koha. i.e. It doesn't have a classification field (It does have Dewey field); it doesn't have an ISBN field so the entry ends up on the third page without one. If I enter a record via the ISBN on the first page, it then takes me to the third page which is basically the ISBN page and misses out the second page completely.

Once in the catalogue there is no Item type (though I have previously entered it and I have added it originally through the system parameters). no NLM either. I can modify the record on that page but when I go the the Group modify page
and add NLM, item type and ISBN, it doesn't save any of the information. When I click on Group delete, it sends me to a page unable to be found. Are these bugs? Can this be fixed?
or am I missing something completely.

The System Parameters do not contain as many parameters as the test database on Koha. Missing - MARC tag structure, Links Koha - MArc Db, MARC check, Thesaurus, Authorised Values, Membership Category. And the system preferences do not contain all the preferences that the test database has, although I have added Autobarcode myself.

When I enter a new member the  Area field has a dropdown box with a choice of areas from Horowhenua. Since this library is in Auckland is it possible to change and where would this be done.

RE barcodes - I gather from the archives I have to use 9 digits with the last one as a check digit and that could be x on the actual barcode.
I'm sorry to ask all these questions but I am at the library only one day a week and I spent a very frustrating Friday getting this far.

I an pass on any IT type responses to the IT person who set it up for us.

Many thanks 

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