[Koha] ANNOUNCE: Koha perl dependency RPMs for Red Hat 9

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Thu Jun 26 02:56:06 NZST 2003

Mandi! Paul Gear
  In chel di` si favelave...

> (We probably should take this to a more appropriate forum...)

I think also... but i'm not a perl monger, only a perl kiddie ;), and
i've no time to follow another list... ;)))

> What do people do in the meantime?

I'm using koha on debian, and i'm triyng to build a koha debian
package. I've a koha 1.2.3 debian package, very alpha.
Pratically i've simply used dh-make-perl script to automagically create
debian package of missing perl modules that koha require.
dh-make-perl use CPAN intelligence, so do a really good job (package
works very well!), but it is not perfect because, for example, misses
the packaging of the documentation and examples.

Then, my koha perl package take only the source, apply some very little
patches to move some path around, setup a skeleton config file and keep
all the (manual) configuration to the user.
All z83.50 stuff are untested.

Apart that i'm not a debian mantainer, and i think that i've found a
task that is not compatible with the spare time i have, i hope that
someone would package koha for debian. Better then i do. ;)

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