[Koha] ANNOUNCE: Koha perl dependency RPMs for Red Hat 9

Jones, Steven sjones08 at eds.com
Mon Jun 23 16:55:50 NZST 2003

Tis difficult to raise a bug report when the installer fails and I cant
determine why.


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	Unlike the installation of many other open source programs, Koha
requires more than merely copying a handful of files to their proper
location.  The complexity of a Koha installation arises from the fact that
the installer has ot configure a number of different programs and get them
to work together -- not from including "silly pretty pictures."  It has to
check for and install the required Perl modules, locate the Apache
configuration, modify it to work with Koha, get information regarding the
installation of MySQL, connect to the MySQL server, create the necessary
database and associated tables, etc.  It is not the simplest of processes.
We are only able to personally test it out of a small number of
configurations.  That being said, I have done 4 Koha installs on three
different operating systems and ran into no difficulty using the installer.

	I do not recall you submitting any bug reports at
http://bugs.koha.org regarding the installer.  The devlopers are unable to
devine any problems or errors that you might run encounter.  We rely on the
feedback from users to work out any bugs.  It is just as much of your
responsibility as it is ours to help out with bugs.  If you require
assistance with the installation, you are always free to message us or stop
by the IRC channel; just this last week, I did a remote install via SSH.

	I do not know the required modules off the top of my head; however,
a quick glance at Install.pm informs me that they consist of the following:
I hope that helps.


On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:00:36 +1200
"Jones, Steven" <sjones08 at eds.com> wrote:

> I have to say this program is easily one of the worst to install Ive seen
> 6 years of using open source.
> Usually such a multitude of errors and omissions has been reserved for
> commerical software, I find it very disappointing that koha is proving
> a time waste. I have also found OS installs generally as simple and
> as commercial stuff if not usually better, due usually to extream
> with no silly pretty pictures.
> I can live with a manual install, indeed so far a manual install has
> got me going where the auto install has failed badly. If the list of
> dependancies is available I can work throughthem and get running, at
> I dont even seem to be able to do that!
> regards
> Steven

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