[Koha] Re: DDC and LC classification - 2 cents more

Nicolas Morin nicolas at koha-fr.org
Thu Jun 19 00:02:30 NZST 2003

Le mer 18/06/2003 à 02:53, Albert P. Calame a écrit :
> Hi All!
>     We may be missing the point with this discussion. 
>     I _don't_ see, however, the need within koha to give the older non-MARC
> data structure the additional structures needed to store LC Call Numbers,
> when any of the MARC structures can do so very well - indeed the required
> subfields are already in place. 
>     I understand that some librarians may not particularly care to use MARC,
> I used to be one of them! 
Couldn't agree more. Besides : cataloguers working in libraries that
don't care about MARC formats don't have to really *see* that it's all
MARC within. If you want to do "simple" cataloguing, you don't have to
use the full complexity of MARC formats, even though it's there at your
disposal if you would want to use it. 

>     Let's make sure, however, that when it comes time to display or print
> the Call Numbers, whether with LC or DDC, that we have stored in koha, that
> we can do so properly, and would be able to actually print new spine labels
> for books or other items.
> This would be a better use of programming time, imho, than to add additional
> structures to the non-MARC structured database in koha for LC users.
>     That's my 2 cents worth!
> Regards,
> Al Calame

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