[Koha] Barcode scanner - keyboard wedge or not

Waylon Robertson genjimoto at ezysurf.co.nz
Fri May 16 09:36:05 NZST 2003

16/05/03 01:54:03, paul POULAIN <paul.poulain at free.fr> wrote:
Well.. incidently.. I know nothing about the template system.... and I know only english. Just want it in pre-template perl?

>Waylon Robertson wrote:
>>P.S. Would anyone be interested in perl code that creates a form letter for an individual, for overdue books? I.e, the overdue.pl says X borrower has 3 books overdue. You click alongside one, and it 
>>pops up with a letter with their current address, city, email, the current date, "You have these books overdue:" and underneath that, has the book name, author and due date for each.. then, at the 
>>end says "You will incurr a fine of " <overdue fine> "for each day these books are overdue. 
>>Signed ....................................."
>>Ive done this code.. so if anyones interested.. i might analysis the new template system, and see if i can create it.
>I almost missed it !
>It's a very interesting script ! Send it to me, and i'll will add it to 
>official Koha release.
>You're lucky, feature freeze for 2.0 will occur with 1.9.3 that should 
>be released next week, so it can be included Welcome to the 
>Koha-contributor list :-)
>Note : in cvs, i've just added a "zipcode" field for complete address in 
>most-countries-even-if-kiwis-don't-care-with-zipcode :-)
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>responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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