[Koha] UDC vs LCSH schemes

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This would be a large task. There is not a one to one correspondence between
the schemes in every way. Some UDC classes will map to more than one LC
class. In other cases, there may be UDC classes with no LC class. I do not
know of a mapping between the two schemes. 

If they are using full bibliographic records then the LC call number may be
in field 050. You could copy it from there to 852. That would take care of
some of the records.

Many LC subject authority records have a class number. You could search the
1st subject heading in the bib record and check the authority record to see
if there is a class number. This assumes the subject headings have been
properly done.

There may be services that could do this for a fee. Marcive comes to mind.
You could ask them if it is something they could do.

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A client has asked us if it is possible to convert their existing UDC 
(Universal Decimal Classification) records to Library of Congress 

Not being a librarian, I'm not really sure what is involved with 
either of these systems.

If anyone been involved with such a project or could give me some 
pointers I would be most grateful.

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