[Koha] Koha Bug Report

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Tue Mar 25 06:53:25 NZST 2003

                            Bug Report for -All-

                          Tue Mar 25 06:46:23 2003


                            New Bugs This Week 9
                               Bugs Marked New 47
                          Bugs Marked Assigned 5
                          Bugs Marked Reopened 0
                                    Total Bugs 52

                           Bug Count by Engineer

                     Owner         New Assigned Reopened Total
              a.c.li at ieee.org      1      0        0       1
              chris at katipo.co.nz   24     2        0      26
              paul.poulain at free.fr 1      0        0       1
              tonnesen at cmsd.bc.ca  21     3        0      24

I'll probably continue to send these out periodically (especially as I
see good news).   The neet bit about today is that the bug count is
creeping up.  I know that sound bad, but let me explain.

Ingrid has been hard at work on the QA side of the house and has begun
translating that effort into verified bugs against the current CVS tree.
Having these bugs in the bug database at bugs.koha.org will help us work
toward a cleaner, better 2.0.0 release.  Thanks Ingrid!

I'd like to encourage everyone to take a look at bugs.koha.org ... If
you're a developer you might pick a bug to squash, if you're a koha user,
maybe you know of a problem that doesn't have a bug report yet.  The more
we use this tool, the better Koha will be for all of us.


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