[Koha] Very naive question from a non-librarian (resent from the right email address)

Nigel Titley nigel at titley.com
Tue Mar 25 03:25:01 NZST 2003


This is probably going to sound like a very simple question to the real
librarians amongst you, but I'd like a little guidance if anyone can
spare the time.

I'm using Koha to catalogue our family book collection (I hesitate to
call it a library). Its about 3000 or so volumes and scattered through
various book cases throughout the house. It is vaguely organised by
various criteria, like size, suitability for children (low shelves),
fiction (by author), non-fiction (roughly by subject) etc. What I would
like Koha to tell me is where (bookcase) each volume is located. Which
would be the appropriate field in the biblioitem to store this

If this is a stupid question, then tell me, I'm not a librarian but a
computer scientist with an interest in books.

Many thanks


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