[Koha] uninstall question & possible bug

c.murdock cmurdock at ccfls.org
Wed Feb 5 04:09:48 NZDT 2003


I've been tinkering around with 1.3.3 on a Debian 3.0 system, and I would 
like to uninstall & reinstall it, as I've changed my mind on some of the 
settings and what not.  Do you have documentation anywhere on how to 
uninstall it, or give me some pointers?  I'm a complete newbie when it comes 
to MySQL and Perl.  

Also, I think I found a bug which prevented the MARC21 stuff from being 
installed, but perhaps you already know about it; the install script 
complained that script/misc/marc_datas/marc21_en/structure_def.sql could not 
be found, and it looks like the permissions on it are wrong, at least on my 
system; it was owned by 501, which doesn't exist, in mode 600.  That's one 
reason I wanted to try reinstalling, to see if the install script finds it 
after changing the ownership.


Cindy Murdock
Network Administrator
Meadville Public Library/Crawford County Federated Library System
http://meadvillelibrary.org & http://ccfls.org

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